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children sponsorship success story

Millicent Njoki Nganda

Millicent Njoki Nganda is now 17 years old. She is the second born in a family of eight children, born of Susan Njeri Nganda, who is a single mother. She separated with her husband due to irresponsible alcohol drinking and failure to support the family. Her single mother, who is without any formal job was left with the burden of bringing up the eight children. She depends on occasional casual jobs that she gets to provide for the family. It has therefore been difficult to pay the school fees of the children even with the government subsidy.

The first born girl is now aged 22 years and works as house help in Nairobi. She dropped out of form one five years ago due to lack of school fees and  her mother sent her to Nairobi to work as a house help, in order to support her other seven siblings who were still in primary school. During her five years of her work as a house help, she decided to do a hairdressing course which she didn’t complete because of interruptions by the work. Last year she left the house help work.

She had a deep desire to go back to school and also hoped to support her younger sister Millicent who was to join form one. She started selling second hand clothes but the business didn’t do well.  As a result Millicent also dropped out of the school in her second term two years ago due to lack of school fees. She couldn’t access the bursary she had gotten in her first term due to corruption. She also didn’t manage to start schooling and hoped the New Year would bring good tidings but no progress so far for her and Millicent.

Millicent is now also working as a house help in Nairobi and hopes that as she works as a house help she will raise fees out of these meager salary. The third born girl has also completed class eight and if there is no intervention to this cycle of life she will stay at home then go to work as a house help. I therefore appeal to well wishers to support these girls so that this cycle of poverty can be eliminated.

Dorcas creation took the above named girl to school this year in a day school near home.  She is a girl who has great potential and through Dorcas Creation  mentorship program, we have realized that her home environment is not conducive  for her academic  performance because the mother involves her a lot even in casual labour in order to raise money to sustain the family.

Dorcas Creation therefore has thought of taking her to a boarding school in order to help her realize her full potential. Dorcas Creation has been looking for a school for her, and public boarding school tuition fees totals to Kshs. 66000 annually. We appeal to well wishers to support her in order for her to realize her great dream of becoming a doctor.


I was born in 1994 in Nyandarwa County.  I am a first born of 8 children born to Susan Njeri Waweru.  I was born out of wedlock and for a remarkable time we stayed at my grandparents’ home before my mum got married to another man who was not my biological dad. Though life was generally hard while living with my grandparents, it became harder when mum got married and I felt as though I was living in hell. I wished for death and having not been born.

This continued for a while and I greatly wished for death instead of the current distress, until a preacher came to our school while I was in class 3 and told us that God had good plans for us and could give us a hope for the future when we trust him. I began to wonder how I could reach out to this God and I approached a teacher who helped me  to know that I can talk to Him through prayers and know Him as I read the bible and this gave me hope.

Things got worse one fateful night when my step father came home drunk shouting. I was all alone and my mum was not in. He locked the door and threatened to kill me because I was a problem in his life and no one could notice. I only prayed in my heart that God would help me and I managed to get out of the house and I started running to my grandparents’ home that was quite far. I met my mum on the way and I told her what had happened and she told me she would talk to him but allowed me to proceed to my grandparents’ home where I reached at 10 p.m and I could barely speak because I sobbed all through.

I went to sleep and the next morning I narrated my ordeal and though mum had come for me to go back home, my grandparents refused and I studied from there up to class 8.  I sat for my KCPE in 2009. My hope was to join high school and study hard and excel so as to join university and do a course in medicine and become a surgeon. This couldn’t happen because mum had no money to pay my school fees and after being at home for a year, I told my mum to allow me to work and save money to take myself to school. She sent me to Nairobi to work as a house help where I was being paid Sh. 3000 per month. The work was so much and tiring because I was still young and couldn’t even rest but all this left me with no choice. Saving was not easy because I could send most of this money to mum. I ended up working as a house help for six years but without much saving.

In 2016 as I visited my aunt she asked me whether I could go back to school and for a while  I hesitated to say yes because I wondered at 22 years, how would I go back, how would I get fees and be able to consistently pay my fee. During that time I also visited Dorcas Creation where she was working and I learnt how to make a necklace. Little did I know that this wonderful woman of God was later to be a source of help.

2016 passed and in 2017 I had hope of going back to school but it didn’t happen as soon as I hoped and was so distressed and thought of committing suicide. First term passed and hope was slowly fading until when a miracle happened and through my little saving and aid from Dorcas Creation, I went back to form 1. I thank God for Dorcas Creation which has been supportive to me and now I am in form 2 and working very hard to realize my dreams.

My everyday worry has been how to finish since I haven’t had a consistent supporter but I know God will make a way.

Growing up without any one I can call a dad is hard and I have had many pains that have stirred me to love God more and trust him with my needs.

I trust God to help me realize my dreams and one day to help those in need like me.