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Skill empowerment

The entry point for the women into our programs is skills empowerment.  Here they are free to start with either beadwork, crotchet work or tailoring classes.  The idea is to build confidence in the women and for them to realize that they are capable of achieving their goals

Tailoring is the foundation of our fashion and design course where the women specialize in making clothes, bags, reusable sanitary towels and  ponchos. The women are trained for a period of six months. The course structure begins with basic tailoring essentials such as learning how to use the machine to more complex concepts like design interpretation and stitching. The department certainly came in handy during the pandemic, as it offered the women an opportunity to earn money from making masks and thus shielded them from the income loss brought about by the slowed down economy during the covid19 crisis.


This is a key component of women empowerment at Dorcas Creation. Part of it includes beadwork; under which jewellery is made by vulnerable women from the community we serve as a therapeutic course that helps them discover themselves; unearth their potential so they can unleash wealth by making use of their creativity. They make unique hand-made necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The  pieces are crafted in different, innovative and unique designs. They are made using high-quality locally available beads. We produce a myriad of styles, colors and bead sizes to accommodate the diverse needs of the modern woman. There are different styles suitable for the office, weddings, church, dinners and all sorts of occasions. The jewellery is long-lasting and thus we deliver value for money. The proceeds from sales go back to the women we empower from the department. By buying these jewellery, you are therefore directly impacting the families we serve