Maggie is a single parent. She resides in Mathare north. Before joining Dorcas Creation, she had been married for nine years before her marriage ended. This left her as the sole bread winner for her three children then aged 7, 4 and 1 year. Maggie was traumatized and suicidal. A botched suicide attempt was her wake up call to move to Mathare where her birth parents bestowed her a house and a plot of land to live in. Her greatest challenge then become getting food on the table without a stream of income.

Maggie was introduced to Mrs. Jane Thuo (Director of Dorcas Creation) who taught her about table banking. She joined Dorcas Creation to help out with her computer skills. An exposure trip to Yatta by Dorcas Creation challenged Maggie to start up a school. She began by using her earnings from Dorcas Creation to buy more seats for the growing number of students her firstborn daughter tutored in their house during holidays. She took on a challenge she received and began to charge the children Sh. 20 per hour making up to Sh. 800 a day on good days.

She then took on the challenge to start a school. With the Sh. 9000 she had, she got a room and renovated it at Sh. 3000. The rest was used for rent. Much more money was needed and Sh. 87,000 was raised through a surprise repayment of a loan she had given her friend along with support from her brother. Maggie’s school has since grown enormously. Her table banking group is one of the most successful. It has seen its members acquire different properties.

Maggie’s is a success story. Everyone at Dorcas Creation is encouraged by her story. She truly is a woman whose potential was unearthed and wealth unleashed.

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