Youth Empowerment Program


The advent of Covid19 saw the closing of schools in Kenya, plunging young people especially those from low income areas into an unexpected unstructured season of staying at home. This resulted in a growing number in teen pregnancies and youth engaging in drug abuse which necessitated urgent interventions to engage the youth meaningfully and productively to earn income, make savings or get jobs from the skills acquired.

Hadhi means dignity. The Hadhi Pastry Course is a three-week six day practical course taught by a passionate dedicated team of qualified facilitators. Apart from baking various disciplines are taught; entrepreneurship, saving, pricing of products, timekeeping, teamwork, discipline, self-expression, respect, creativity and using available resources. The team uses equipment that is readily available to the youth in their homes so they can start with what they have such as jikos instead of ovens which many cannot afford. Students are taught to make bread, fruit jam, mandazis, donuts, cake, pancakes and so on, and add value to them to make them stand out in the market.